from a dream to reality...       

7th Harmony mission is to open road blocks to create abundance, love, and prosperity in one life through spiritual practices. Through daily ritual practices you can co create the life you want. When our chakras are aligned we are aligned to manifest our hearts desires through the universals laws. 

For many years I struggled in my life with understanding my true purpose. I also couldn't understand why I was attracting the same situation and cycles. I wanted to seek an deeper understanding of my life purpose, so I discovered myself. I reached inside my own energetic potential and started studying the universal laws. Once I understood the universal laws and hermetic principles, I was able to be the co creator I am. Through meditation and daily practices with simple tools, I was able to manifest the life I want, and I am just getting started ;) Just to name a few I manifested happiness, abundance, and joy. 

I was so amazed at the results of the techniques I was using, I wanted to share with the world! I want to help others learn to be the Co-Creator of there own lives. This journey starts with YOU!