Full Moon Virgo 2022

Updated: Mar 19

Neptune's loose conjunction to the Sun and sextile to both Pluto in Capricorn and The North Node in Taurus in English everyone is very In touch with there intuition this full moon were looking for a way to release old habits that we now know is not fulfilling us or helping us in anyway. The Virgo full moon is a time when old habits come back old coping mechanism come back with vengeance. The full moon speaks in the the way of the two cups not meaning the


is a major theme find out what theme down below us your rising sign and how we deal with emotions and understanding other peoples emotions.


Release with fire!


To do list for Full Moon

Write a letter and burn

Step one: Write down all the things that energetically hold you back.

Step two: Fold the paper away from you!( This is very important don’t skip)

Step three: burn the flame over toilet and flush away with intention.

spiritual bath is a must for all Full and New Moons

spend time doing you favorite things


What this means for you!


Virgo rising highly affected :Virgo is in your first house in appearance/body identity and I suggest you buy your self a outfit that makes you feel and manifest you dream self this full moon releases you negative body issues that may have come up because of the this moon energy. Release all self doubts!


Libra rising:Virgo is in your 12 house of

Don’t hide what you struggle with. If you have a support system talk to them if you don’t find one


Scropio:Virgo is in your 11th house of friends ways of income money support

Money might be a bit of a issue surrounding this full moon don’t let it bring your confidence down money shouldn’t equal your self worth.


Sagittarius highly affected :Virgo In 10th house career reputation ,social media

Your working to build a reputation for yourself . Something is threatening that it.I believe from lack of understanding one self slow down and think this full moon


Capricorn:Virgo in 9th house themes spiritualy higher learning, travel.

Be creative what are you waiting for the first option didn’t work out because lack of spiritual creativity from the soul .your soul needs a outlet.what do you love to do. Spirt is asking you choose again what ever that means to you.


Aquarius:8th house relationships or comitments to anybody and habit

You can’t commit to nobody people you have not been committed to higher yourself but your ego self. NOBODY IS GOING TO MAKE YOU HAPPY INTILL YPU MAKE YOUR SELF HAPPY!


Taurus rising: Virgo 5th house Romance crematory and self expression inner child

You have taken the time to work on your inner child don’t let small things take that away from you.


Aries rising: Virgo 6th house health/organization/work/networking

You need to be more serious about health and organizing time you your busy schedule.


Cancer rising: 3rd house close sibling like friendship/neighbors/community

Lot of focus on home life your boundaries need to be more stricter.


Gemini rising highly affected : 4th home like relationships with mother

Expect difficulty around a maternal figure . Remember this moon is all about perspective. Empathy and logic is the way out of sticky situations .


Leo rising: Virgo 2 house.Create new money systems that works for you not against you.


Pisces rising :highly affected how do you feel about your relationships focus on how people make you feel the full moon there telling the truth.


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