Manifesting with Scripting

Updated: Oct 19

Scripting manifestations help you feel the emotions and the energy of what you want, making it very powerful. For those struggling with visualization or guided meditation, then scripting is a better means of manifestation.

One way of scripting manifestations is by writing them in the present simple tense. This makes the script more powerful and also keeps your thoughts and emotions focused on what you want to achieve (Krempa, 2022). Please focus on the feelings of your desired reality and use your creativity to say what the outcome is like to have it in your writing. Employing sentence constructions such as "I am" or "I Feel" will help your writing stay present.

Believing in your story is also crucial n scripting manifestations. Make it feel more natural when you write down what you want to achieve. The scripting will work if you believe in your story. It's better the more you feel the practice because it means you are tapping the energy of alignment.

Another way of scripting is to avoid coming from a need and attachment place. Its advisable to focus on your energy before scripting so that when putting your intentions to the universe, they won't come from a place of need. Need creates a sense of lack within you. To help script properly, you should find happiness, gratitude, and peace within yourself. This helps enhance a good feeling within you.

Keeping a record referring to past manifestations is another way to script manifestations. You go back, direct to your past manifestations, and from them, continue setting and resetting your intentions (Scoop, 2022). Setting a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to take your time and script is transformative and gives you a clear record of your growth and achievements. Records will also remind you of your available potential reality.


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