Weekly Intuitive Message ✨

This week I see self discovery for your mind body and soul. You may want to eat healthier or have a better mental routine that feels more happier. Seek out this week the truths within yourself by going within for higher calling of the truth. Dont listen to outside noise but gather your answers from the higher divine within.

Vision Quest-Seek

The time of abandoning, ignoring, diminishing and misunderstanding the power of the old ways and wisdoms is coming to an end for you. On the physical plane, you feel a need to carry on in your set ways as a matter of survival, but this will soon create a state of emptiness, weakness and fear. A rite of passage, like a vision quest, allows the body to respond to challenge and gives you the strength and vitality to deal with the changes. On a transpersonal level, you are seeking soul knowledge. You want to know who, what and why you are as well as the possibilities that lie before you. This knowledge, enriched by the wisdom of the collective unconscious, is the basis of your recognition of your physical or spiritual place on grandmother earth. A vision quest is a way of taking the first steps towards knowing your true place in nature. Quest what you seek and you will return with healing and direction for yourself, your loved ones and for all of us.

Become your authentic self. Get to know the truth of who you really are and what you are capable of. Dont measure yourself by the deeds and words of others. Your voice must be heard. Dont follow the crowd. You are entitled to your own preferences and opinions. Speak up.

Vision Quest Speaks:

Become the quester of your vision.

Where and how is your decision.

Meet your guide, with their protection.

Heal your wounds and change direction.

Plant Medicine- Truth

A controversy means you are not sure what to deem as truth. Its like you have been fed false news. Shamans use plant medicine in journeying work to induce visions and heighten clarity. Plant medicine is a far cry from the synthetic pills and potions abundant today. When plant medicine is passed to you, you have the option to accept or reject its remedy. Do you want your life to remain as it is? Are you ready to see the truth? To distinguish between the dream state and clear reality, indulge in the awakening that plant medicine can bring. If you are brave, want adventure and are prepared to lose false comfort, plant medicine can bring you a stark understanding of who you are. The veil between worlds is ready to be torn down so that you might discover that which has been deliberately hidden. Choose wisely, for plant medicine will lead you to the path of truth, from which there is no return.

Fully investigate a matter before making an agreement. Its time to leave an unhealthy situation. Check in with and trust your intuition. Someone is hiding something from you. Admit the truth before someone else reveals it. Live your truth.

Plant Medicine Speaks:

Awaken as I take you deep.

My truth reveals you’ve been asleep.

You’ll see the world with bright new eyes.

Assist those who still live the lies.

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